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        Every time we shoot couple photography during a wedding, we know that we have this unique opportunity to capture them in one of the most important day in their lives. But couple photography means even more than that.

        A couple’s wedding day is charming because it puts the couple in the middle of a special ceremony, dedicated to them and designed to reflect both their minds and their souls.

        We try to abandon any scenario and we go on an adventure, the four of us, during the entire wedding, chasing an invisible thread that captures the entire wedding. They are the main characters in front of the camera but at the same time they love each other candidly, the same way they might do in the kitchen while they’re cooking.

        Fotografie de cuplu Monica si Victor

        No matter how unconventional the people are, they somehow think that “this is the day”, “we’ll make the best photos of our life today” and then, we’ll see. It’s natural, in our nature to plan great moments.

        After this very important photo shoot of their lives – the one on wedding day – most couples never take part in a new photo session ever again. This is an amazing and very important day in every couple’s life, but we want them to know that the beauty of a couple in love begins before the wedding and continues after it.

        Fotografie de cuplu Luiza si Alexandru

        We want to change the perception of couple photo sessions and also focus on everyday love stories: couples taking a day off together, working together, wandering together or taking care of their business. The small things, the relationship and love between two people, these are the amazing things.

        Fotografie de cuplu Mihaela si Laur

        Photo sessions with couples playing with their children or simply cleaning the house, with philanthropists, with animal lovers, with building restaurateurs, with dancers or comedians, these can create the most beautiful photo album in a couple’s life.

        Fotografie de cuplu Daniela si Cristian



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