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        People have always felt the need to capture and immortalize love, regardless of whether they chose to sing about it, paint it or take pictures of the protagonists or the entire universe that encloses a romantic affair. When cinematography became an art dozens of directors, producers and actors created the romance movie phenomenon.
        We cried while watching a few of them and others made us lose ourselves among their ideals. Each time we also thought of how we would create a special photo session with the protagonists of the love stories, right inside the world of the movies. So we allowed ourselves to dream:


        We would love to capture, in effervescent Paris, the candor and naivite of Audrey Tautou, alongside the charisma that Mathieu Kassovitz brings to the role of Nino. The moments when love is found and rejected have the potential to transform any photograph into something mysterious.

        The reader

        The challenge of this movie would be to capture Kate Winslet as she asserts herself not necessarily through romance but by playing up the intense feelings and the simplicity of a love that the world does not approve of. We would like to photograph the moments when the two protagonists are reading to each other, swim or take a simple bike ride during World War II.

        Midnight in Paris

        It’s never easy to capture nostalgia in images, but it would be really spectacular. Midnight in Paris engages with nostalgia in some memorable scenes but it never emphasizes drama. It would be great to see these couples as they deal with contradictions, work through doubt or engage in their fantasies. And of course, it would be perfectly unusual to capture them with Salvador Dali, in Paris, at sunset.


        Who wouldn’t like to just once take a picture of Ingrid Bergman (this year marks 100 years since her birth) in love with Humphrey Bogart, inside the superbly bohemian buildings of Casablanca?! Capturing their gazes, filled with passion and uncertainty, their stylish embraces, their elegant outfits, the music moments… All of them would have created a photography album as memorable as the movie itself.

        You’ve got mail

        We always want to capture a love that’s natural, partners who are at ease with each other, their smiles, small flustered moments, but also the energy between them. “You’ve Got Mail” offers a little bit of everything, like a sunny springtime Sunday morning. We would also have the chance to capture their initial teasing and the way it eventually turns into love.

        Before sunrise

        A Picture This album that captures one day in the life of a couple that starts off as strangers on a train and suddenly become the closest people on the face of the Earth, even if just for one day. Each photo would reflect the natural dialogue, the slight disappointment of their separation and the promise that they will meet again someday, as well as showing off the charisma of both Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy.

        Roman Holiday

        This movie in images represents a love that can transcend the main characters in order to become the very spirit of Rome. It would be a shoot about two lovers who find and then lose each other, separated by the world they live in, about their amazing experiences together, on a Vespa, about their walks along Tiber and their Fortune Teller moment. But also, it would be a shooting about love, in it’s most authentic Latin spirit.

        Love, actually

        We wouldn’t miss “Love, Actually” because it shows so many expressions of love, manifested through a variety of emotions, interactions and choices of the protagonists, showing what love has to offer at its best and at its worst. We would want to capture the moment when Colin Firth tries to ask for Lucia Moniz’s hand in marriage with such candor. We would probably cry a little taking these photos, like we did while actually watching the movie.

        Dirty Dancing

        Oh, yes! A photo session with Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey dancing in the water, at home or in a restaurant, always dancing to express their love. What a great opportunity for a photographer.There might be no other movie that manages to show what passion is as well as “Dirty Dancing”.

        Moulin Rouge

        Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor use drama, comedy and a great soundtrack to evoke the complexity of love. We would like to photograph the enthusiasm of the English poet and the sensuality of a Moulin Rouge star.

        Breakfast at Tiffany’s

        The most interesting photos are the ones that capture authentic gestures, and Audrey Hepburn has always seemed like a star that lives inside her movies rather than simply act in them. Her spectacular dresses, her passion for life and the way she suffers for love alongside her partner would would give these photographs something unique and mysterious.


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